Gold Coast via de Cristo

Lay Director

 Kevin Janies

Preside over, direct and coordinate the efforts of the Secretariat.

 Asst Lay Director  Kevin Janies

Prepare to understand the movement to assume the duties of the Lay Director. Also plan and supervise critiques and locate sites for weekends

Debbie Janies

Collect, record, disburse, maintain records, reports, and finances of GCVdC.

Addie Bruening

Record minutes, maintain the records, and act as the historian of the Secretariat.

Senior Spiritual Director
Pastor Dave Rankin

The Senior Spiritual Director is responsible for providing guidance on all spiritual matters with respect to the GCVdC

 Assistant Sr. Spiritual Director

Non-Voting member. Assist the Senior Spiritual Director in fulfilling clergy responsibilities

 Kitchen Coordinator
Greg Giambronne

Direct and coordinate the operation of food and kitchen prior to and during Via De Cristo weekends.

 Post Via De Cristo
Pati Baker

Plan, coordinate Ultreyas, and work with Parish Representatives.

NLS Representative
Bob Brauer

Represent Gold Coast Via De Cristo with the National Lutheran Secretariat.

 Pre Via De Cristo
Rhonda Krill

Collect and process applications for all applicants.  Contact all applicants and process responses.

 Physical Arrangements
Scott Bruening

Maintain transport trailer, train/coordinate banner volunteer, weekend setup, organize laundry, and purchasing all food/paper supplies

Leaders School
Sherri Giambronne

Conduct Leaders Schools, and plan and supervise "Wives Meetings".

 Media Servant
Donald Hamm

Order and distribute weekend materials.  Maintain and assemble manuals

Music Representative Janet Cunningham

Maintain the music manuals and insure that all printed music is used within appropriate copyrights.

Maureen McNulty

Obtain and present general Palanca for all Weekends.  Communicate with other Secretariat members regarding weekends.

Jonette Bishop

Collect, edit and assemble articles for the Newsletter.  Arrange for publication and distribution of Newsletter.

Website Manager
Rob De Angelis

Non-voting Member responsible for maintaining and updating website.

Database Manager
Larry Schone

Non-voting Member responsible for maintaining and updating the database.

Mike Warnock

Educating the community on sponsorship duties, follow-up to candidates for reunion groups

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