Gold Coast via de Cristo

>PALANCA [pah lahnk ah]: a direct word from the Spanish, meaning "lever." In the Via de Cristo, it means an outward expression of agape love through prayer and sacrifice which is offered to God in petition for grace so that as apostles we may accomplish more than we would be capable of otherwise.

For a Palanca letter from us to your weekend please print the linked page.
You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to use the "pdf" document.

What makes anything Palanca?

Mark Carnes, our National Palanca Chairperson, puts it this way—“Palanca is sacrificial. In some small way it demonstrates the sacrifice that Christ made for each of us as He gave His life that we might be saved. If your Palanca is not sacrificial, it is not palanca. It may be a wonderful gift and very inspirational, but if it did not require sacrifice, it is not palanca.” Is prayer palanca? Prayer is sacrificial and is palanca. It takes your time and energy in an important and beneficial way. It takes real and conscious effort to pray for the candidates on the weekend and thus prayer is palanca. In fact, it is the most meaningful form of palanca.  We are told in the New Testament that “the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16b) God has commanded us to love and pray for each other. The love of Jesus compels us to love and pray for each other. Did you and your reunion group remember to pray for the weekends taking place throughout the world?

Please make prayer Palanca a priority in your life.

Remember, Christ is counting on you.