Gold Coast via de Cristo



Your Secretariat wants to hear from you with your questions about Via de Cristo.  We will publish as many questions each issue as space permits.  Please send your questions or concerns to:


Q:  I am sponsoring a candidate on an upcoming weekend.  May I give my candidate a special “gift”   to be included in the mail ceived on Sunday?

 A:  NO.  The mail pouch delivered on Sunday is for letters.  If you have a special gift or receive something from someone else for your candidate, present them to your candidate after the closing ceremony.

 Q:  I would like to bring my children with me as I come to serve at different times over the course of a weekend.  Can I?


A:  Although we encourage and welcome your servanthood, it is difficult for children on site as we only have babysitting at certain times such as Serenade and closing ceremony.  Due to  Health Dept. regulations and safety, children are not permitted in the dining room or kitchen at anytime.  They could go to Palanca Chapel but again, especially for little ones with no supervision, it would not be fun for them to remain quiet &  reverent.  It better serves you as well as your children if they are left at home with a babysitter.